Large programs in Hugs-2003 on Windows

Graham Klyne gk at
Mon Jan 5 12:37:33 EST 2004

I've just run into a problem with Hugs-2003 on Windows, where I get the 
following message:
ERROR "D:\Cvs\DEV\HaskellRDF\N3FormatterTest.hs" - Program code storage 
space exhausted

(This is attempting to load a consolidated test harness, so there genuinely 
is a lot of Haskell code here, for all the unit test cases.)

A look around the web suggests that this is due to a predefined limit in 
Hugs, which requires a recompilation to change.  I'm in the process of 
downloading the source, to look at this.  But meanwhile, I have three 
- am I right, or am I overlooking an option to allow larger programs?  (I 
tried increasing the heap.)

Assuming I am right:

- does anyone already have a build of Hugs for Windows that can handle 
larger programs, available for download?  (I use the console version, 
rather than WinHugs -- I tried WinHugs, but that just throws up unexpected 
syntax errors.)

- can anyone point me to instructions for building Hugs on Windows using a 
freely available compiler?  (I have only very old versions of the Microsoft 
C development software.)


Graham Klyne
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