Working haskell/db+hugs set?

Daan Leijen daanleijen at
Fri Jan 2 11:18:39 EST 2004

Hi Kyra,

> Trying to play with haskell/db, I've found myself being a little bit stuck.
> The latest version of hugs haskell/db (as referenced from
> works with seems to be of
> May 1999. I cannot find any references to this version of hugs except
> which is broken.

Sorry for causing this inconvenience - maybe I should remove the webpage...
However, haskellDB is fairly old and was also the start of a framework for
typeful database  programming. It uses the TREX extension though that never
has been implemented in GHC and other Haskell systems. Furthermore, Haskell
wasn't as good as it is now with foreign libraries. Therefore, I still provide
the old Hugs 1998 may version just to enable people to play with it.

As Bjorn said, the good news is that people at Chalmers try to update haskellDB for
use in current Haskell's -- probably using functional depencies with repeated
catesian products to emulate TREX-like functionality. Maybe they can provide
you with a prototype version?

All the best,

> Is it possible to find somewhere in the net all neccessary components (older
> hugs, newer haskelldb, whatever...) to run any haskelldb example?
> With best regards
> and
> Happy New Year!
> Kyra
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