[Haskell] Debugging in Haskell?

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at cs.york.ac.uk
Sat Dec 25 15:20:09 EST 2004

"Peter Rosenbeck" <peter.rosenbeck at apis.de> writes:

> I'm quite disappointed about the
> development environment that comes with GHCI and Hugs (the only systems
> which I had a closer look at). Compared to PLT Scheme (not to mention
> Smalltalk) this feels very antiquated. No trace, no symbolic debugging, no
> breakpoints.

Tracing/debugging in a lazy language is considerably different
from a standard debugger.  Setting breakpoints and then evaluating
step-by-step is much less informative than you might imagine.

Nevertheless there are some tracing systems for Haskell, which you
can find listed at haskell.org.  They include Hat, Buddha, and Hood.

> Is there an implementation of the
> UnitTest-Framework which is so popular in the OO community.

Yes, there is HUnit.  For systematic random testing, there is
QuickCheck.  And if you are interested in verification more generally,
including both testing and proof, there is the Programmatica project


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