[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: DrIFT 2.1.0

John Meacham john at repetae.net
Wed Dec 1 07:40:55 EST 2004

DrIFT 2.1.0 is out! 

Here are the recent changes:
 * added 'get' utility which creates foo_g for each label which returns its
   value in a failing monad rather than raising an error.
 * added 'from' utility which creates fromFoo for each constructors
 * no longer an error for DERIVEPATH to not be set
 * added -i to ignore directives in file. useful with -g and -r for testing
 * added 'Query' which creates from, get, has, and is functions, but in a
   class with an instance for the data type. useful for extensible data types
 * added deriving rule for 'Monoid'
 * added deriving rule for 'FunctorM'
 * added deriving rule for 'RmapM'
 * added code subdirectory with support code

and perhaps more importantly, DrIFT is now in a darcs repository! 
the repository is at:  
and it may be browsed here:  

Several people have sent me patches recently, and unfortunatly I lost
some of my email, so if you sent me a patch and your code didn't make it
into this release, please resend it, or better yet use darcs to send a

The half-minute tutorial for sending me a patch if you don't know darcs is 

;darcs get http://repetae.net/john/repos/DrIFT/
;cd DrIFT
edit code 
;darcs record 
;darcs send

more info on darcs can be gotten from http://abridgegame.org/darcs/


John Meacham - ⑆repetae.net⑆john⑈ 

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