[Haskell] how to print the Report in CM fonts?

Boyko Bantchev bbbfp at mail.bg
Fri Apr 30 16:27:20 EDT 2004

Hello all,

The Haskell98 Report, in its printed form, uses Times
and Courier fonts.  I would like to have the Report printed
in the TeX-standard cm family of fonts (including the tt font
which I like much more than Courier as a `computer font').
Some time ago, I tried to do this from the sources in the
CVS repository but failed.  Could someone please explain how
to achieve this, i.e. what changes should be applied to the
files before tex-ing?  And what is the set of files needed
for a current version?  Thank you.

Best regards,

   Boyko Bantchev

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