[Haskell] EuroHaskell - come to sweden, write code

Shae Matijs Erisson shae at ScannedInAvian.com
Wed Apr 21 23:37:13 EDT 2004

You are cordially invited to come to EuroHaskell for fun and code.

EuroHaskell is a sprint[1] and gathering happening at Chalmers University of
Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden on June 10th, 11th, and 12th.

The goal is to meet, learn, and code.

The [dis]organizers are Björn Bringert and Shae Erisson. 

There is no entrance fee.
Food and drink are not supplied, but feel free to bring your own.

More information is available on the EuroHaskell wiki page:

[1]A sprint is a focussed development session based on the principles of
Extreme Programming, in which developers pair off together in a room and focus
on a particular subsytem or task.
for more info see : http://www.zopemag.com/Guides/miniGuide_ZopeSprinting.html
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