[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: HSQL 1.4 released

Krasimir Angelov ka2_mail at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 14 07:21:21 EDT 2004

   I am pleased to announce the HSQL library version
1.4. The HSQL is a simple library, which provides
interface to multiple databases. MySQL, PostgreSQL,
ODBC and SQLite are currently supported.

What is new?

1. The ODBC interface provides the "driverConnect"
function which is an alternative to "connect" but
allows to use a connection string instead of DSN,
UserID and Pasword

2. The HSQL for Windows now supports MySQL and
PostgreSQL databases.

3. A binary distributions are provided. There is an
installation program for Windows-binary distribution
and there are binary RPMs for Linux. All binaries are
compiled for ghc-6.2.1 and Hugs Nov2003.

4. Some bugfixes

Known bugs

There is a bug in ghc-pkg from ghc-6.2.1. If you want
to build libraries for GHCi you need to have ld.exe
somewhere in the search path. The easiest way to
workaround this is to copy ld.exe from
${GHC_INSTALL_DIR}/gcc-lib subdirectory to
${GHC_INSTALL_DIR}/bin before to install HSQL from
binary under Windows.


Great thanks to Victor Blomqvist and Conny Andersson
for their work on binary distributions.


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