[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: Haskell XML Toolbox Version 4.00

Uwe Schmidt uwe at fh-wedel.de
Tue Apr 6 12:37:05 EDT 2004

Haskell XML Toolbox 4.00

I would like to announce a new version of  the Haskell XML Toolbox for
processing XML including a validating parser and a new XPath module.

new features:

 * compiles with ghc version 6.2
 * new module structure for input modules
   to ease porting to other OS/compilers
 * new example programs

More information and download:


Please email comments, bugs, etc. to hxmltoolbox at fh-wedel.de

Uwe Schmidt <uwe at fh-wedel.de>


University of Applied Sciences, Wedel, Germany

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