REMINDER - Contributions to HC&A Report (November 2003 edition)

C.Reinke C.Reinke at
Mon Oct 27 19:13:56 EST 2003

Dear Haskeller,

*you* are still envited to let the Haskell community know what
you've been doing with Haskell recently! Remember, in spite of its
printable formats, this is still basically an email survey: 

  - just hit the reply button now, and take a few minutes to compose
    your contribution about your own recent Haskell work and play 
    (ASCII-format is fine, LaTeX is fine - please do not send HTML..).

  - if you know of someone else doing interesting stuff with Haskell
    (perhaps even at work?-), who is not yet confirmed on our topics
    and contributors list below, let them know about this survey,
    and encourage them to contribute (please cc me, so that I know 
    what contributions to expect)

As you can see from the topics and contributors page for our
Haskell Communities & Activities Reports, at: 

both confirmations from well-known contributors and offers from new
contributors are still a bit sparse at this stage, although we're
making progress (I'm delighted to see that most contributors send
their text with their confirmation - thanks!-).

 Haskell Communities and Activities Report (November 2003 edition)

          Could everybody send in their individual reports 
             ** by the end of THIS week ** ? Please?-)

Claus (current editor)

Haskell Communities and Activities Report (November 2003 edition)
Contributions are due in by the end of THIS week!

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