HaRe 0.1 updates, and ghc-6.0.1

C.Reinke C.Reinke at kent.ac.uk
Mon Oct 20 20:03:05 EDT 2003

Since releasing version 0.1 of the Haskell Refactorer HaRe, we've
continued to update the HaRe snapshots on our webpage every now and
then, in response to your feedback and bug reports. 


We do not usually announce every new snapshot here, but there have
been several requests for making HaRe build with ghc-6.0.1, and,
since last week, the snapshots include the necessary workarounds.

Apart from several smaller things, the current snapshot (20/10/2003)
also includes a fix for one rather substantial bug in introNewDef and
generaliseDef; String and Char literals should also no longer cause
problems (see README.txt).

So, if this has been keeping you from playing with HaRe, you might
want to check again (and please keep those experience/bug reports
and suggestions coming!-).

Happy Refactoring!

  The HaRe Team (Huiqing Li, Claus Reinke, Simon Thompson)

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