Announce: buddha 1.0 released

David Bergman davidb at
Fri Oct 17 11:49:19 EDT 2003

Bernie "Buddha" wrote:

> Announcing buddha version 1.0
> -----------------------------
> A declarative debugger for Haskell 98. It is based on program 
> transformation and works with GHC 5 and 6.
> buddha offers a declarative debugging algorithm and a 
> browsing mechanism.
> It is useful for finding logical errors in programs and for 
> exploring computations in a high-level manner.
> The interface is designed to be simple to use, and may be an 
> ideal aid for teaching Haskell.
> Version 1.0 is known to work on unix platforms, including OS 
> X, GNU/linux and freeBSD. It does not work on Windows.
> buddha is released under the GPL license.

Seems like a very nice tool. Although I wonder why one needs Buddha for the
sample Tree code treated in the User's Guide. Would it not be easier to just
look for the string "the bug is here" and correct the problem?


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