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Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang at
Wed Oct 15 14:15:27 EDT 2003

Am Mittwoch, 15. Oktober 2003, 12:50 schrieb Christian Maeder:
> Hi,
> on:
> the link for: Online Haskell Course by Ralf Hinze (in German).
> should be changed from:
> to:
> At least my browser seems to be case sensitive.
> Christian


it's not the browser that is case-sensitive but the HTTP protocol.

Well, a web *server* which is run on a Windows machine probably won't distinct 
between URLs differing only in case since file and directory names under 
Windows are case-insensitive. But such a behaviour doesn't change the fact 
are different URLs; the server would just provide the same content for both. 
This is legal behaviour since a web server can provide whatever content it 
wants for a given URL. In no way, URLs have to correspond to files.


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