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      ***                   Fourth Workshop on               ***
      ***    Language Descriptions, Tools and Applications   ***
      ***                       LDTA 2004                    ***
      ***                                                    ***
      ***                    APRIL, 3, 2004                  ***
      ***                   BARCELONA, SPAIN                 ***
      ***                                                    ***
      ***            ***


     The aim of this one day workshop is to bring together researchers
     from academia and industry interested in the field of formal
     language definitions and language technologies, with a special
     emphasis on tools developed for or with these language
     definitions. Some of the scientific areas that take advantage
     from these active research fields are:

       - Program analysis, transformation, generation
       - Formal analysis of language properties
       - Automatic generation of language processing tools

     For example, language definitions can be augmented in a manner so
     that not only compilers and interpreters can be automatically
     generated but also other tools such as syntax-directed editors,
     debuggers, partial evaluators, test generators, documentation
     generators, etc. These beneficial results are well known and we
     would like to make them widely exploited in current practice.
     Domains of applications that are of interest for this workshop
     are among others:

        - Language components, modeling languages
        - Re-engineering, re-factoring
        - Aspect-oriented programming, adaptive programming
        - Domain-specific languages
        - XML processing
        - Visualization and graph transformation

      The workshop welcomes contributions on all aspects of formal
      language definitions, with special emphasis on applications and
      tools developed for or with these language definitions. We also
      encourage contributions on the use of these methodologies in

Tool demonstrations:
      The one day LDTA 2004 workshop program will also include a
      session on tool demonstrations. 

Submission procedure and publication: 

      Authors should submit a full paper (15-20 pages) to LDTA 2004
      program committee chairs. Tool demo papers (2 pages) should also
      be submitted to the PC chairs. Further information will be
      available at the LDTA 2004 home page.

      Accepted papers will be published and available during the
      workshop. After revision, final copies of the accepted papers
      will be published in Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer
      Science (ENTCS), Elsevier Science. Author's instructions are
      given here. The authors of the best papers will be invited to
      write a journal version of their paper which will be separately
      reviewed and after acceptance be published in a special issue
      devoted to LDTA 2004 of the journal Science of Computer
      Programming (Elsevier Science).

Organizing Committee:
      Isabelle Attali, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France
      Thomas Noll, Aachen University of Technology, Germany
      Joao Saraiva, University of Minho, Portugal 

Program committee co-chairs:
      Gorel Hedin, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
      Eric Van Wyk, University of Minnesota, USA

Program Committee members:
      John Boyland, University of Wisconsin, USA
      Olivier Danvy,  University of Aarhus, Denmark
      Jose Labra Gayo, Oviedo University, Spain 
      Paul Klint, CWI,  The Netherlands
      Jens Knoop, Vienna University of Technology, Austria 
      Erik Meijer, Microsoft Research, USA
      Didier Parigot, INRIA, France
      Paul Roe, QUT, Australia
      Ganesh Sittampalam, Oxford University Computing Laboratory, England
      Anthony Sloane, Macquarie University, Australia
      Yannis Smaragdakis, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
      Doaitse Swierstra, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
      Kris de Volder, University of British Columbia, Canada


December 1st 2003       Submission of full paper

January  5th 2004       Submission of a tool demo paper

January  15th 2004      Notification

February 15th 2004      Final version due

April    3rd 2004       LDTA 2004


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