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mgross at dorsai.org mgross at dorsai.org
Mon Oct 13 08:41:35 EDT 2003

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003, Wolfgang Thaller wrote:

> > Do you have some experience or knowledge about Parallel Haskell? And

Parallel Haskell runs, but there are problems. Unless someone has slipped
something past me, there is no parallel implementation for Release 6 yet, 
so if you want to tinker with it, you'll need to go to the CVS repository
for Release 5 of Haskell and the parallel run-time system (look for the
GUM branch). Please note, the Release 5 version of parallel Haskell should
be considered experimental and best left aside if you are unwilling to fix

Murray Gross
Metis Project,
Brooklyn College 

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