Haskell on the cover of a magazine!

Daan Leijen daanleijen at xs4all.nl
Thu Oct 9 20:54:30 EDT 2003

wxHaskell gets a two-page article in the october edition 
of the popular French PC magazine, L'Informaticien. 

The article is written by Frédéric Mazué, and gives an
overview of wxWindows, wxHaskell, and compares the library 
against F# (the OCaml integration to .NET).

For screenshots of the relevant pages, see:


Just think of all those thousands of French O'Caml programmers 
that will suddenly start to use Haskell ;-)

All the best,
 Daan Leijen.

"wxHaskell est un outil d'ores et déjà remarquable et d'une 
grande fiabilité. Examinons de plus près ce dont il s'agit."

"En raison de toutes ses qualités, la popularité de Haskell
va donc croissant"

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