Announce: hircules IRC client 0.3 released

Jens Petersen petersen at
Sun Oct 5 23:08:16 EDT 2003

It's a pleasure to announce the release of Hircules 0.3.

Hircules is an IRC client written in Haskell, using gtk2hs
for its gui.  Since the last release about 3 months ago,
various bugs have been fixed and a good number of new
features added, including better charset support and tab
highlighting.  A summary of the main changes is appended

See the Hircules webpage <> for
more details.  A source tarball and an i386 rpm built for Linux
with glibc-2.3 and gtk2-2.2 are available for download from
the project site page <>.



Version 0.3 (2003-10-05):
* New features
- input area is now at the bottom of the channel buffer, not a Entry box
- UTF-8 support
- highlighting of tabs for channel activity
- multiline input is support now (from text pasted into input area)
- exceptions from lambdabot modules are now caught
- absolute paths are no longer mistaken for irc commands
- leading '/' is optional now in virtual channels
- topic changes appear in Alert channel now
- autodecoding of ISO-2022
- tabs menu setup now
- virtual channels now have '%' in front of them and can be "joined"
- irc log is now date-stamped as well
- the charset encoding for writing to a channel can now be set and shown
  with the new "/coding" command
- improved lambdabot configure support

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