Typo in GHC user guide?

Graham Klyne gk at ninebynine.org
Thu Oct 2 20:26:22 EDT 2003

I think there's a typo in section

You can't use existential quantification for newtype declarations. So this 
is illegal:

   newtype T = forall a. Ord a => MkT a

Reason: a value of type T must be represented as a pair of a dictionary for 
Ord t and a value of type t. That contradicts the idea that newtype should 
have no concrete representation. You can get just the same efficiency and 
effect by using data instead of newtype. If there is no overloading 
involved, then there is more of a case for allowing an 
existentially-quantified newtype,
because the data because the data version does carry an implementation cost,
[--------------] [--------------] ... Repeated clause

but single-field existentially quantified constructors aren't much use. So 
the simple restriction (no existential stuff on newtype) stands, unless 
there are convincing reasons to change it.


Graham Klyne
GK at NineByNine.org

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