"interact" behaves oddly if used interactively

Tomasz Zielonka t.zielonka at students.mimuw.edu.pl
Wed Oct 1 18:01:43 EDT 2003

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 04:42:51PM +0200, Christian Maeder wrote:
> Can actually someone supply an implementation of something like interact 
> that does no pipelining for the argument "id"? Simply doing "putStr !$ f 
> !$ s" was not enough!

The simplest working but not necessarily correct solution could be:

  interact f = do
      s <- getContents
      length s `seq` putStr (f s)

This one is probably better:

  interact f = do
      s <- getContents
      foldr seq () s `seq` putStr (f s)

And this is more fun ;) :

  interact f = do
      s <- getContents
      foldr seq (putStr (f s)) s

> Thanks, Christian

Best regards,

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