ANNOUNCE: HC&A Report (5th edition, November 2003)

C.Reinke C.Reinke at
Tue Nov 11 21:15:45 EST 2003

On behalf of the many contributors, I am happy to announce that the

             Haskell Communities and Activities Report
                    (5th edition, November 2003)


is now available from the Haskell Communities home page in several
formats: in PDF (for those who haven't noticed: that format is not
just for printing, but also for online viewing, with working links
and table of contents) or, for those who have problems with the PDF,
in HTML (using John's secret weapon yet again) and Postscript.

A big thanks here to everyone who contributed, be it by making sure
that there are so many interesting activities to report on, or by
sending in descriptions to make sure that we can read about these
activities! I hope you will find it as interesting to read as we did. 

For those of you who haven't heard of these reports before (and have
filtered all previous calls into the spam-folder..), the first
edition of the HC&A Report was released in November 2001, with the
goal of helping to improve the communication between the
increasingly diverse groups, projects, and individuals working on,
with or inspired by Haskell. The idea of these reports is simple:

  Every six months, a call goes out to all of you on the Haskell
  mailing list to contribute brief summaries of your own area of work.
  Many of you respond (eagerly, unprompted, and well in time for the
  deadline;-) to the call.  The editor then collects all these into 
  a single report and feeds it back to this very mailing list.

And when we try for the next update in six months, you might want
to add your own work, project, research area or group as well. So,
please, put that item into your diary now!

                         End of April 2004: 
                target deadline for contributions to 
              the May 2004 edition of the HC&A Report

It has become clear that many Haskellers who work on interesting
projects no longer have the time to follow the Haskell mailing list
closely and may thus miss the calls for contribution. If you are a
member, user or friend of such projects, please point them to the
current edition, and invite them to "register" with me for a simple
email-reminder in the middle of April (and no, you can't register
anyone else:). Of course, they'll still have to act on that
reminder, but perhaps we can extend our reach this way..

Enjoy (and communicate;-)!

Claus Reinke
Computing Laboratory
University of Kent

PS. Please note the preface: as announced at this year's Haskell
    workshop, there'll be a change of editor after this edition.

    Andres Loeh has kindly offered to take over starting with the
    November 2004 edition, but we are still looking for someone to take
    on the May 2004 edition. If you're interested, please get in touch
    with me!

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