Announce: Gtk2Hs - A Haskell binding for Gtk2

Axel Simon
Mon, 25 Mar 2002 00:04:11 +0000 (GMT)

Note: This is not gtk+hs.

Gtk2Hs is a rewrite of gtk+hs. It is a binding to the recently released
version of Gtk2 with a couple of improvements over gtk+hs:

- Automatic memory management.

- Nearly complete coverage of widget functions and their signals,
  including the new text and list widgets.

- The convenience wrapper MoGuL (Monad Gui Library) makes it possible to
  create and lookup named widgets in a type safe way.

- Unicode support.

- Object-oriented calling convention for widget functions.

- Pragmatically uses both c2hs and hsc acquire information about the C
  files. Automatically generates callback handlers and the widget type

- Needs ghc version 5.00 or later, makes use of the --make flag and
  complies quite quickly (12 mins).

I am currently only providing CVS access to the sources. Find them at:

At the moment it does not compile on Solaris due to the 4 parameter
restriction of GHC for dynamic callbacks.

Feedback is very welcome, a good place to send it to is:

Share and enjoy,