ANNOUNCE: Red Hat RPMs of Haskell Mode for Emacs

Tom Moertel
Fri, 22 Mar 2002 18:38:00 -0500

I have packaged the Haskell Mode for Emacs at

into RPMs for Red Hat Linux 7.2 (and similar platforms).  Once the
packages are installed, Haskell Mode is automatically enabled when you
start up Emacs.  Integration with Hugs is the default, but a quick
change to your .emacs file will cause Haskell Mode to use GHCi instead.

You can find the RPMs here:


P.S.  I have also made the RPM .spec file available.  If somebody can
add it to the official haskell-mode tarball on, people can
build RPMs directly from the tarball using "rpm -ta