Hugs plugin, Haskell Browser

Claus Reinke
Fri, 15 Mar 2002 22:05:55 -0000

> >> function. Sadly, most htmlizers are focused on highlighting
> >> rather than navigation. 
> I said "most"! :) (To be honest, I thought about "all")

just wanted to point out that there have been several hyperlinking
HTML documentation generators for Haskell (in fact, from memory
I'm quite sure there have been more than the two listed:-).
> Well, I mostly referred at multi-lingual html grnerators
> which come with that unix editors. There are alot of xref
> tools for every given language, but that zoo is quite hard
> to maintain, if you have to live with, say, 4 languages.

Now that is an entirely different problem. As you've mentioned,
tags-generators and "syntax" definitions exist for many language/
editor-combinations, so one could indeed imagine having to write only
one extra tool per editor. Another option would be literate programming
tools with hyperref support.

However, much of the discussion surrounding documentation tools 
has been on what standard formats programmers would have to adopt 
so that a tool would be able to extract comments and associate them 
with the correct declarations. Would you hope programmers of different 
languages/paradigms to agree on such an issue if they cannot even agree 
on an editor/a language?-)

On an unrelated issue, though within the subject: Haskellers using Vim 
might want to take a sneak preview of a little hack in which I'm using 
Hugs as a kind of Vim plugin (hopelessly inefficient in theory, but no 
problem in practice with last year's machines:).

a Vim compiler plugin for Hugs (drop in one of Vim's compiler/ directories)

its help file (drop in one of Vim's doc/ directories, and regenerate
helptags in that directory; then type :help hugs.vim)

(pre-release testers and feedback welcome:-)


Research Opportunity: Refactoring Functional Programs (UKC)
Closing date: Friday 22 March 2002 !!