ANNOUNCE: Hat 1.12

Malcolm Wallace
Fri, 15 Mar 2002 17:42:26 +0000

		hat-1.12, nhc98-1.12, and hmake-3.02

We are pleased to announce a new release of Hat, the Haskell tracing
(an debugging) system, together with supporting releases of the nhc98
compiler and the hmake compilation manager.

This release of Hat is a major release.  It incorporates new
trace-browsing tools, and for the first time has support to compile
programs for tracing with GHC in addition to nhc98.

for information on hat:
for information on nhc98:
for information on hmake:
for downloads:      

(Hat and hmake are packaged together with nhc98 in a single download.)

If you haven't already tried out the Hat tracing system, now is a
good time to have a go!  New features worth noting are:

  * There is a new tutorial introduction to Hat, showing how to
    generate program traces, how to explore them, and how they
    can help you to debug Haskell programs.

  * All the interactive trace browsing tools are implemented in
    Haskell, including a new, simpler, textual version of hat-trail.
    They all inter-operate, and use a similar command syntax.

  * The trace-generating machinery can now be used with GHC in addition
    to nhc98:  just use `hmake -ghc -hat' instead of `hmake -nhc98 -T'.
    (However, for the moment, you still need to download and install
    the nhc98 distribution, even when you intend to trace programs
    only with GHC.)

In addition there have also been many minor bugfixes to nhc98 and hmake.

Bug reports should be sent to
Discussion of the Hat system belongs on

    The Hat team at York