Strictness (was: Is this tail recursive?)

Jay Cox
Thu, 14 Mar 2002 22:10:22 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Andrew Butterfield wrote:

> I think the Clean type system does stuff like this - it certainly supports
> strictness analysis and annotations:
>   - see for more details

Thanks to both you and to Bernard James POPE for the replies.

The embarrasing thing (for me) is that I'm ON the Clean mailing list!
I should have known or remembered about clean's strictness annotations,
though I really haven't ever coded anything in it.

I intend to read anything those Clean(ers) happen to have on the subject.

Jay Cox

PS: While I'm at it thanking people, thanks to Bjorn Lisper for relaying
the fact that his server isn't censoring my messages from the haskell
lists as well!