Hugs plugin, Haskell Browser

Martin Norbäck
14 Mar 2002 10:09:29 +0100

tor 2002-03-14 klockan 08.02 skrev Ketil Z. Malde:
> "Manuel M. T. Chakravarty" <> writes:
> > The detailed choice of colours is, of course, adjustable.
> > At least on a Unix machine, I am quite sure you can use
> > XEmacs also in batch mode to generate the HTML
> Sure.  Have a look at -batch, -f and -eval options.  Be prepared for a
> bit of lag at startup though :-)

Enscript has support for coloring Haskell and outputting html:

enscript --language=html --pretty-print=haskell --color --output=-

--output=- is for stdout

You could easily invoke it from a cgi-script.



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