A Cygwin port of hmake?

Antony Courtney antony@apocalypse.org
Mon, 11 Mar 2002 10:36:53 -0500


Has anyone attempted / considered porting hmake to Cygwin?

I'd like to try HaXmL under ghc on Windows, but it seems to require 
hmake to build.

I made a naieve attempt to configure and build hmake under Cygwin 
myself, but the resulting Makefile tried to pass Cygwin-style 
/cygdrive/c/... paths to ghc, which promptly choked.  I made some 
abortive attempts to hand-edit the Makefile.inc, but it then attempted 
to create some directories above my current working directory, and I 
eventually got lost trying to trace down the nested Makefile inclusions.

Before I invest more time in either porting hmake or writing a portable 
Makefile for HaXmL, I thought I'd post here to see if anyone else had 
already been down this road.  If you have, please get in touch.



Antony Courtney
Grad. Student, Dept. of Computer Science, Yale University
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