ANN: IDoc - A Haskell Interface Documentation System

Manuel M. T. Chakravarty
Fri, 01 Mar 2002 00:48:34 +1100

I am pleased to announce the initial release (version 0.2.5)
of the new interface documentation system IDoc.  It extracts
both interface comments and declarations from library
modules and formats them in HTML, thus supporting the
automatic generation of library documentation from Haskell
source code.

The striking features of IDoc are simplicity and interface
comment annotations that are non-imposing when the Haskell
source is displayed in a text editor:

* The implementation is essentially a single Haskell module
  abiding by Haskell 98.  No complicated build and
  installation procedure and no weird language extensions
  that require you to build a special Haskell compiler
  before installing the tool.

* Interface comments are identified by a single extra
  character and simple formatting (such as the present ASCII
  itemisation) is sufficient to produce HTML displays.

* Most annotations are similar to common ASCII formatting

* Haskell's layout rule is used to determine the extent of
  interface declarations.