Scheme in Haskell?

Ashley Yakeley
Mon, 18 Feb 2002 20:45:03 -0800

At 2002-02-18 20:23, David Feuer wrote:

>I would be very surprised if no one had written a Scheme interpreter in
>Haskell.  It is an obvious project for an undergrad like myself.  Good
>practice playing with monads and such.  I'm planning to try it at some

Jolly good. Please license it to me under GPL when you're R5RS-compliant.

>Query:  Aside from learning about Scheme and about writing interpreters,
>what purpose would this serve?  The natural language for writing Scheme
>interpreters is Scheme, and the language that would probably be desired
>for efficiency is C.

I want to use Scheme as a general "user scripting language" for such 
things as transforming XML documents, etc., as part of my project 
("Truth") to provide a user interface to all information [insert maniacal 
Bond villain laugh here]. A bit like Guile, I suppose.

Ashley Yakeley, Seattle WA