announce: tour of Haskell Prelude document (for teaching etc)

Bernard James POPE
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 13:49:21 +1100 (EST)

Hi all,

A while back I wrote a document for our first year students at
Melbourne University who learn Haskell. The document is an introduction to
most of the Haskell Prelude. It was intended as a replacement for the
nice documentation that came with Miranda.

It is written in latex and when formatted as ps comes out to about 28 pages

It covers most of the functions from the Prelude with their type, 
definition, and example usage. Functions are listed in alphabetical order. 
It also covers operators in a similar way, including precedence and 
associativity and has a brief discussion of the class hierarchy.

It is intended as a study aid. Typically our students take a printed copy
with them to lab classes (yes we still print things here). Although
it may be converted into HTML and presented online.

It is not intended as a formal description of the Prelude, nor as a replacement
for textbooks and other material. I think our students find it useful. 

I meant to make this public a long time ago, but I forgot about it. I was
reminded today when someone requested to use it for their course in
another University. 

So now I make it available to everyone. Please take it and use/modify for
whatever purpose you like. If anyone else thinks it is a good thing then
it might be nice to put on the Haskell Bookshelf at
For the moment you can get the latex source (and a ps) from my web page:

I do not guarantee that everything is up to date, but feel free to fix, 
or notify me and I will fix it.