layout rules for "where"

Ian Zimmerman
07 Feb 2002 11:04:42 -0800

Zhanyong> I was lucky to spot the source of the problem quickly
Zhanyong> because I knew I recently changed that line, but in general,
Zhanyong> this kind of error can be very hard to locate.  (In my case,
Zhanyong> the offending code is 600 lines away from where the bug is
Zhanyong> manifested, and the number can be arbitrarily high.)  I
Zhanyong> imagine this would be particularly scary to Haskell
Zhanyong> beginners and may even turn them away.

It would turn me away _from layout_ (if I needed being turned away in
the 1st place).  Not from Haskell.

Please, please, please, whatever you do or even suggest doing to
layout rules, don't break the non-layout way.

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