Haskell Communities Survey - LAST CALL

C.Reinke C.Reinke@ukc.ac.uk
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 20:51:50 +0000

Dear Haskellers,

over the last weeks, more and more of you have (been;-) volunteered
to provide short summaries of recent and planned activities in your
area of work with or on Haskell (for details, and for the current
status, see http://www.haskell.org/communities/).

Those summaries, as far as they haven't reached me already, are due
in this week (rather sooner than later), and after putting
everything together, the first edition of the collective report
should get out to this list next week. The web pages shows which
areas are covered, and which summaries have reached me. 

So, please, have a last look at the web page, and check for:

  missing topics?
    If your favourite Haskell topic isn't covered yet, get in 
    touch with me as soon as possible (preferably by sending
    in a summary, but at least by naming possible contacts)

  micro-reports? late-breaking news?-)
    If you don't have any big project/group/area to report on,
    you might still want to let the Haskell community know
    that you're there and what you are working on. Just drop
    me a line or two on your work, and a link to your home page.

  missing reports?
    If you've promised a report, remember to send it to me!-)

  missing emails?
    If I've asked for your help, could you please let me know
    whether or not you'll be able to provide a report?-(