Subject prefixes (was: RE: suggestion)

Simon Marlow
Sat, 27 Oct 2001 16:23:01 +0100

> > What do you all think about activating the mechanism that=20
> > automatically includes the name of the list before the subject
> > of a mailing list email?
> > For example:
> > "[hugs-users] Installation problems" or "[haskell] newbie=20
> > question".
> I don't like the extra prefixes, but if most folk would=20
> prefer them then
> I can turn them on.  Let me know if you have a preference one=20
> way or the
> other (don't mail to the list).

Thanks to all those who replied.  The results were: 9 in favour of
adding a '[haskell]' prefix, and 15 against.  So I won't make any
changes this time.

For those who were in favour of adding the prefix, the preferred
solution is to have your mail reader automatically sort Haskell mail
into a separate folder.  There are plenty of useful headers in the
messages from which make it possible to do just that - eg.
List-Id is a good one.