Haskell Communities Survey - Second Call for Contributions

Michael Sperber [Mr. Preprocessor] sperber@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de
26 Oct 2001 14:18:28 +0200

>>>>> "Bernard" == Bernard James POPE <bjpop@cs.mu.OZ.AU> writes:

Bernard> Hi all,

Bernard> I'm sending this to the whole list because maybe there are others who are
Bernard> doing the same thing as me, and so it would be useful to share some
Bernard> effort.

>> What about a standard AST format?  What about static analysis and
>> type checking/inference? 

Bernard> A few of us at Melbourne have been slowly creating a front
Bernard> end to Mark Jones' Typing Haskell in Haskell. It is getting
Bernard> close to being useable.  It is intended as a stand-alone type
Bernard> inference/checking tool that can give detailed information
Bernard> about static aspects of the program. It will understand
Bernard> modules.

Note that we also have most of a frontend based on thih.  It's
actually a translator between hsparser's output and thih's input.
It's not very well debugged or tested, but mostly complete, albeit
sans the modules stuff.

Cheers =8-} Mike
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