HaXml article on IBM developerWorks

Joe English jenglish@flightlab.com
Thu, 25 Oct 2001 07:14:17 -0700

There's a nice article on HaXml (Runciman and Wallace's
excellent Haskell toolkit for XML) in the "XML Matters"
section in IBM developerWorks.  From the abstract:

| XML Matters : Transcending the limits of DOM, SAX, and XSLT
| -------------------------------------------------------
| Consider Haskell in lieu of DOM, SAX, or XSLT for processing XML data. The
| library HaXml creates representations of XML documents as native recursive
| data structures in the functional language Haskell. HaXml brings with it a
| set of powerful higher order functions for operating on these "datafied"
| XML documents. Many of the HaXml techniques are far more elegant, compact,
| and powerful than the ones found in familiar techniques like DOM, SAX, or
| XSLT. Code samples demonstrate the techniques.


--Joe English