ANNOUNCE: HOpenGL mailing list

Sven Panne
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 16:51:06 +0200

HOpenGL has its own mailing list now:

Thanks to Simon Marlow for setting it up.

HOpenGL is a Haskell binding for the OpenGL graphics API and the
portable OpenGL utility toolkit GLUT. It provides easy access to
*the* industrial-strength rendering API, available at a wide range
of platforms. Apart from GLUT, HOpenGL can be used with a other GUIs,
too: MUI, PUI, GTK+ and the native Windows UI, to name a few.

The mailing list is intended to discuss HOpenGL API improvements like
OpenGL 1.3 extensions or GeForce3-specific stuff, installation troubles,
collaboration with the Gtk+HS binding, announcements, etc.

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