the Haskell Wiki losing pages again

John Heron
Sun, 21 Oct 2001 12:26:59 -0500

Hi Shae, All,

As you may know the haskell wiki (
occasionally loses pages. This is due to RCS locks not being properly
cleared, probably when one of the scripts bombs. However, I haven't been
able to track down the exact cause despite sporadic hacking. I have
however downloaded and installed a newer version of the software which
hopefully will fix the problem.

I am just a bit nervous about the upgrade mostly because the user
community for pywiki is pretty small. If you feel so inclined, I'd very
very much appreciate it if you'd try out my test upgrade at

before I copy the new code over to the production wiki and give me some
feedback. I'll copy over the code to the production wiki after I've
gotten some indication that it's likely to function at least as
correctly as the current install. BTW, I've looked at moving to another
wiki such as moin-moin, but that would require translating to the new
format or reentering the content. I don't have time for either job, so
for now I've decided to just stick to the upgrade. If someone would like
to volunteer for a change to a replacement, I'd be glad to assist at
least in a small way. If not, that's OK too, I have no big problem with
the status quo.

Best Regards, John Heron

Shae Erisson wrote:

> Hello again,
>       The Haskell Wiki is losing pages again, could you repair it?
> much thanks,
> Shae Erisson -