Monomorphism, monomorphism...

Karl-Filip Faxen
Sat, 06 Oct 2001 12:38:43 +0200


Marcin wrote:
> Juan Carlos Ar=E9valo Baeza wrote:
>> Karl-Filip wrote:
>>>- a ->=A0Bool (without quantification and with "IsNil a" among the
>>>  predicates).
>> =

>>    This is something I didn't understand either. Which predicates?
>I think "isNil a" goes to the context of the whole expression
>containing the "let g =3D ..." (I'm not sure if Karl meant that).

Exactly what I meant! Then it goes into the context of "f" because "f"
is defined using function syntax (formal parameters to the left of "=3D")=

so everybody knows it's a function so it doesn't hurt if it gets some =

extra arguments after dictionary insertion.