Functional Metapost maintained?

Dylan Thurston
Sun, 25 Nov 2001 19:57:41 +0900

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On Sat, Nov 24, 2001 at 04:52:00PM +0100, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> BTW, I didn't notice import problems.  They may be specific to
> GHC...  I have got 5.02-1 now, I'll check later.=20

I don't know if it's specific to GHC, but it's definitely a bug in
Functional MetaPost (although probably easy to fix).  For instance:

a) FMPPicture exports the data type 'Tension'
b) FMPMpsyntax does a restricted import of FMPPicture, not including
   'Tension', and reexports 'module FMPPicture'
c) FMPResolve imports and exports FMPMpsyntax
d) FMPCore imports FMPResolve and expects 'Tension' to be defined

The situation is a little more complicated, but I think any
reasonable interpretation would give an import problem.  The key
problem is in (b).

Unless this was some recent change in the report?

> Isn't Hugs enough for you for a while?

Probably; I'll try it out.  Thanks for the work!


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