ANNOUNCE: HOpenGL 1.01 released

Sven Panne
Sat, 17 Nov 2001 20:02:53 +0100

        HOpenGL, a Haskell binding for OpenGL and GLUT
                         version 1.01

I am pleased to announce the twelfth release of the Haskell binding
for GL 1.2.1 / GLU 1.3 / GLUT 3.7beta. It offers easy access to *the*
industrial strength 3D graphics API and a GUI toolkit. More details
about HOpenGL can be found at

This is a compatibility release for >= GHC-5.02. With a little work,
HOpenGL can probably tweaked to work with a recent Hugs and NHC98,
feedback about this and/or patches are highly welcome.

Have fun!