Here is a tiny idea for a QT based GUI library

Eray Ozkural (exa)
Fri, 9 Nov 2001 17:32:06 +0200

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Hi people,

In the past months I've seen a lot of interest in designing a standard GUI 
library for Haskell.

I've just realized that a feature of QT 3.0[!] library, which is a well 
versed GUI library used in KDE, can make writing a GUI library quite easy.

There is a class called QWidgetFactory[*] in QT 3.0 that enables application 
programmers to dynamically generate a GUI from a .ui file which is an XML 
file that describes it.

If a functional combinator library would be able to generate the XML file in 
question then a GUI could be created quite easily.

You also need to access objects in the created widget and implement slots for 
it, which I think should be possible using the C bindings. There are new C 
bindings for KDE and there ought to be some for QT as well.

Are there any interested implementors? :)

Happy hacking,


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