Haskell Wiki Upgraded

John Heron jheron@enteka.com
Mon, 05 Nov 2001 22:59:59 -0600

Hi All, 

As you may know, I've had to fix the Haskell wiki quite a number of 
times due to a bug, probably a bombing CGI script. I did a trial upgrade 
to a new version of pywiki a couple of weeks ago and didn't find 
problems or get any complaints so tonight (Nov 5, 2001) I went ahead and 
updated the wiki to a new version. There hasn't been anything like what 
I usually like in the way of testing, but you can't wait forever, and 
I'm comforted by a backup, and the fact that RCS lies underneath all. In 
any case, please let me know right away if you've any problems with it.

Cheers, John Heron