beginners silly question

Luc taecsh
Fri, 30 Mar 2001 08:01:32 -0500

Ive just decided to start with haskell (after a decade of OO, and a few month 
of erlang (already impressive))

despite i love linux, id like to stay with wintel, to be able to use it at the 
office, and try to slot it in my daily job, slowly.

(doing some modeling, should be useful)

1)are there a full package of haskell over there ?

2)ive installed hugs, SOE libs, haxml, frantk, tcl/tk, g/hood, hdoc, and 
what am i missing ? 
any incompatiblities +98 -98, and so on ?

3)if i get some good stuff done, id like to compile them , as small 
utilitaries. (best way to turn H in my daily job)
my first try at ghc was not that fun (deppendencies on gcc, libs, and so on)
as a alternative, ive tried under linux (m7.2),where ghc is installed by 
default, but even here , were i was expecting fluentness, its not cristal 
clear,  hangs, missing bits i dont understand. no samples/ demo ? or is it a 
packaging issue ?

4) generally, are there any project to have some ready to use all-included 
package ? i understans some effort are under way on the great lib side, but 
are there anything avaialble now (its still farther than for me)

for info, in the eiffel world, some guy (elj) once tried to put all the stuff 
together in a click and install package, and it really helped the gnu eiffel 
stuff starting in win world, (where things are not so simple , when unix is 
assumed with gnu stuffs...)

(if some think answering DIY, just think its what effectivelly happen^s 
everytime, everywhere in the world someone goes beyong front 
page... but all u haskell people are too smart for me to mention that.. ;-)