HaXml (was: Re: Welcome to the "Haskell" mailing list)

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace@cs.york.ac.uk
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 21:19:45 +0000

> im trying to have haxml lib running with hugs and had the following problem
> 1) under win, quite an issue to tun the cpp stuff. did it under linux,  (for
>    info)

Thanks for the report.  I'll think some more about how to package
HaXml to make things easier for Hugs users.

> 2) then i had a "maybeA" which is unknown. some lib i had to add ? ("maybe"
>    doesnt seems to work)

The only use of "maybeA" is in a comment containing some example
code for documentation purposes.  It appears that this example is
now out of date, for which, apologies.  If you want to use the
example, you need to rename "maybeA" to "maybeToAttr".

> 3) a module declare a "with" function,  which hugs doenst seem to like.
>    renamed it withlt for now.

"with" is a perfectly valid Haskell function name, but Hugs may have
stolen it for a language extension.  Try giving Hugs the +98 option
at startup, to ensure that all extensions are turned off.  [Note to
users of the implicit parameter extension: I believe in future the
pseudo-keyword "with" will be removed and replaced by "let".]

> this make me thinks that this lib is probably not tested under hugs98. could
> someone confirm that ? as im too newbies, im maybe missing something
> obvious. Id better asking, i thought.

HaXml is occasionally tested with Hugs98, but not as often as we
test it with other compilers.  Soon however, we are hoping to have
a grand hierarchy of standard libraries for Haskell (including HaXml
amongst many others), which will be completely compiler-independent,
and tested regularly with all three or four currently-available
compilers/interpreters.  This should greatly improve the portability
of a lot of publically-available Haskell code.