knight's tour - please help

The Ghost
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 16:16:27 +0100

Hello everyone,

I have a little problem with implementing the knight's tour in haskell.
My goal is to print out all possible solutions for the knight's tour.
Allthough finding one path (with given startinposition (x,y) of the horse 
and dimension of the bord M*N) is not enough. I have to find all of them. 
(the printing out may be very simpel)

I've wrote this problem is several other languages and there they work 
perfect. But I'm searching for an implementation in Haskell. The 
implementation may also be simpel (I think it can be solved only by using 
lists and backtracking).
If I have the implementation I can go one with my project, I should use it 
to explain the differences between a functional language and the others
(effiency, speed,..)

Is ther someone who has such an implementation (that is not too complicated 
and not too lang).
Would you be so kind to send it to me?
I should be very thankfull.


The White Ghost.

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