question does haskell have a something like a wild character

john xxx
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 18:59:03 +1100

i want to know if HAskell has an inbuilt function in the prelude a function 
that allows me to use wild character like so:

ie. if a list of strings contains a word or a combination of words that do 
not necessarily have to be side by side. someting that works like so [.. 
"hello" ..] == ["my", "tie" , "egg", "hello", "good"] would return True. 
where .. represents other elements of the list it counld be 1element or a 
hundred elements.

please reply urgently to

if haskell does not provide such a function can you please give me 
information on how to create one that would do such a thing that i need.


please reply! i need this function for an assignment for university.

p.s if you're interested in the question visit.

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