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Mini Haskell
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 12:32:35 -0000


We are a small group of undergraduate computer science students from the
University of Nottingham. As part of our second year we have been
assigned to do a software engineering group project. The project put us
together as a group and we were told what we had to do, our instructions
were as follows:

Mini Haskell
The aim of this project is to build an interpreter for a small
functional programming language called Mini Haskell. For simplicity, the
only values in the language will be integers, lists, and functions. As
well as allowing expressions to be evaluated to a final result, the
interpreter should also allow the individual steps in the evaluation
process to be seen.

AS part of our research we have developed an on-line questionnaire which
looks at the importance of some of the ideas we have had for the
project. The questionnaire is found on our website and asks some very
simple multiple choice questions which should take no longer than 2
minutes to complete. Please help us by looking at the site and by
filling in our questionnaire in the feedback section.

Please go to


thankyou for your time
Dave - minihaskell
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