Just one question

Alba Marina Lopez ArgŁelles i1083924@petra.euitio.uniovi.es
Thu, 08 Mar 2001 13:08:26 +0100 (CET)

  Hi! I'm a Spanish student who is 'trying' to do her final proyect
using Haskell; I don't want to bore you explaining what's the work
about but it has to do with internet and all that.Well,currently I'm just
trying to do a little code using sockets that (giving it an url) connects
to a remote machine and gets information from it.
  I've checked a library called LibWWW,and I want to do something similar
to that, but in a lower level and that's why I'm using another library
called SocketPrim.
  I've managed to get a socket,to connect it but I cannot managed it to
  And now here are the questions:
- There's a function in the library Socket called connectTo and I would
like to know how does it work 'from the inside'.
- I also would like to know what does the function readSocket (from
SocketPrim) return. 
- If you know some site where I may get information related with
Haskell about TCP/IP,sockets and all that stuff,I would be very pleased if
you send it to me.   
 Well,that's all for now.I hope you can resolve my questions to keep
on with the proyect.Thank you very much!

					Alba ;)