GHC - Cygwin Installation and also DirectX

Nigel Perry
Thu, 8 Mar 2001 08:20:03 +1300

At 9:52 am +0000 7/3/01, Reuben Thomas wrote:
>(Even more confusing is that our advice has changed recently, and used to be
>much more similar to Nigel's...)

I have compiled up to 4.08.1 (or .2 not sure offhand), if Reuben's 
advice has changed for later versions then follow them in preference 
to my experience.

As to sed failing - it first happened on a PC in the room next to 
Ruben's where I was visiting at the time... But these little things 
are easy to forget in the huge job of compiling GHC - I keep 
forgetting and wonder why it has broken!