GHC - Cygwin Installation and also DirectX

Reuben Thomas
Wed, 7 Mar 2001 09:52:08 +0000 (GMT)

>  From painful experience installing GHC under Win2K I can advise you should
> install Cygwin at root level now, contrary to advice in Cygwin. Also make
> sure your disks are mounted in binary mode or things go awry. The sed part
> of the build process will fail first time around but the build will
> continue and
> fail later, so build twice (and no I've no idea why sed fails). After that just
> the usual amount of salt over the shoulder, frogs leg and bat wing broth, etc.
> should get it going. ;-)

Unfortunately, this is all contrary to the advice we currently give: we
advise not to install at the root level, and to mount in text mode. We have
no experience of sed failing.

Of course, you should do whatever works for you, but if you'd like advice
from us, please make sure you've followed our recipe!

(Even more confusing is that our advice has changed recently, and used to be
much more similar to Nigel's...)

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