GHC - Cygwin Installation and also DirectX

Reuben Thomas
Tue, 6 Mar 2001 11:09:39 +0000 (GMT)

> The Win32 installation instructions say that one should execute "mount -f C:
> /", but having done that in response to this error it does not fix the
> problem and it stops bash from starting up correctly (Cygwin is installed in
> c:\cygwin and GHC in c:\ghc\ghc-4.08.2).  (Why am I supposed to do this
> mount?)

It helps because it means that Cygwin's UNIX-style paths (starting from /)
are also valid Windows paths. However, as you've observed, when installing
Cygwin in its default location, it stops other things working, and I've now
retracted that piece of advice. Unfortunately, not mounting C: at / messes
up other things (though more so when building GHC than when merely using
it). Mounting C: at / shouldn't stop bash starting up, though...

> Has anyone got a solution?

There should be some hardwired paths in the driver
(/ghc/ghc-4.08.2/bin/ghc-4.08.2) and possibly other scripts that start with
/cygdrive/c; changing these to C:/ should make things work. If the paths are
being generated somewhere, then running them through cygpath -w will convert
them into Windows format.

I'm working on getting this cleared up in the head, for the upcoming GHC 5.0
release...hopefully Cygwin 1.2 will be out soon, and then things will settle
down somewhat.

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